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Loobanja Services Released


LOOBANJA has now released part of the services it is ready to offer. besides being a social networking and information sharong website is offers varieties of internet technology and marketing and advertising services to its customers.

Please visit the services page for detailed description and pricing.

Services offered at Loobanja

  • Directory Listing - Your Business Profile (FREE)
  • Dedicated products and services marketing page on Ex. BARBER Shop in Clarkston .
  • Advertising - Advertise your business on Loobanja Pages
  • Business Page - Dedicated to your business
  • Advertsing Page - Concerts, Conferences, Party, Bands, etc...
  • Email Blast (Marketing) - Send Your ads or flyers to the Ethiopian communnity (coming soon)
  • Search Engines - Linking to Loobanja
  • Real State Agents Listing - Self Managed Access to your own property and rental listings.
  • Website Design
    • Business Website Design - Custom and Template based
    • Blog websites desing - Wordpress, Joomla, etc...
    • Ecommerce Websites Design - Shopping cart and Payment Gateway integration, Quickbooks integration - Zencart, osCommerce, eFusion,
    • Personal Websites - Wedding Photo Gallery, Vacation Photos, etc...
    • Email Marketing Websites - Constant Contact, Efusion
    • Hosting - ecommerce, Wordpress, Zencart, eFusion
  • Search Engine Optimization - optimize your website for best visibility.
  • Search Engine Advertising
    • Google - Pay Per Click and Pay Per Thousand impressions - Text ads, Images banners, Video.
    • Yahoo - Pay Per Click and Pay Per Thousand impressions - Text ads
    • Bing - Pay Per Click and Pay Per Thousand impressions - Text ads
  • Google website analytics - clicks, impressions, keywords, geo reporting
  • Internet business analysis - Does your website bring you business? Are you as good as your competition?



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